Models of Future Climate

Let’s check out another model of the future, to put some of our learning about the effect of different gases and aerosols into practice. The app below has three different modes.

    1. The single-slider model from Chapter 2, in which emissions of all pollutants are scaled relative to their 2020 value via the slider.
    2. A model that has emissions separated into different economic sectors (electricity generation, industry, transportation, agriculture, and buildings). With this model you can do experiments like decreasing energy emissions without affecting agriculture, or vice versa. In addition to having different total emissions, each sector has a different balance of heat-trapping gases. Agriculture, for instance, has higher emissions from methane and nitrous oxide.
    3. A model that has emissions separated into the individual gases (CO2, CH4, and N2O) and aerosols. In this model you can change emissions of the different gases separately.

Climate interactive tool by EarthGames.

Try out some experiments to better understand the role of each greenhouse gas and each sector in determining future temperatures.