Conversions and Data Sources


8760 hours = 1 year (non-leap year)
31.536 million seconds = 1 year
1 TW = 8760 TWh/year
1 TW = 31.536 EJ/year
1 quadrillion BTUs = 1 quad = 1.055 EJ
1 GJ/yr = 31.71 W
1 GJ = 277.8 kWh
1 kWh = 3.6 MJ

Electricity grid data (real time)

California power grid data (CA ISO)

Great Britain power grid data

New York State power grid data (NY ISO)

US power grid data (EIA hourly electric grid monitor)

Emissions data

EDGAR: Emissions Data for Global Atmospheric Research

Global Carbon Project

Energy mapping

Global energy monitor (includes global trackers for coal mines, coal plants, fossil infrastructure, steel plants)

Global solar atlas

Global wind atlas

Northwest Clean Energy Atlas

Northwest US/Canada power plant map

Solar wind capacity calculator (Renewables Ninja)

US energy infrastructure map (mines, refineries, transmission, plants, etc.)

US power plant map (alternative map)

US solar installation data

World electricity data (real time)

World power plant map

Energy data

Country level data from US EIA

Data Portal for Cities

Ember energy transition data by country

IEA data

IRENA renewable energy data

PVWatts photovoltaic calculator

Environmental justice maps

Global atlas of environmental justice

Washington state environmental health disparities map

Future climate scenario tools

Climate Action Tracker data portal


The Global Calculator

Regional Climate Impacts Map (IPCC)

Economic data

Debt data portal (Jubilee Debt Campaign)

A Good Life for All Within Planetary Boundaries


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