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Power On…

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A Tera-Scale Planet

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1 ppm of atmospheric CO2 is equivalent to 7.8 GtCO2, so 1 trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere corresponds to an increase of 128 ppm. Added to the 1750 concentrations of 277 ppm, 1 trillion tons of atmospheric accumulation implies 405 ppm, which was first exceeded in the global average in 2017.

Global Carbon Budget 2021 estimates that between 1750 and 2020, cumulative fossil CO2 emissions were 1.69 (+/- 0.09) trillion tons, and cumulative land use CO2 emissions were 0.86 (+/- 0.27) trillion tons. The ocean is estimated to have taken up 0.66 (+/- 0.13) trillion tons and the land is estimated to have taken up 0.79 (+/- 0.18) trillion tons between 1750 and 2020.

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Trapping Heat

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The Big Haze

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Carbon Nations: Sources of Carbon Dioxide


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