10 Team 3 – Noordeep

Team Noordeep conducted the interview of Noordeep Singh Dhadda. They collaborated with Noordeep in the pre-production phase of the video, particularly, in the process of framing her story.  Team Noordeep was then responsible for the production and post-production of the final video.

Gabrielle Beardemphl

My name is Gabrielle Beardemphl, I am a cisgender woman that uses the pronouns she, her, hers. Also, I am a senior in the communication major at UW-T. In my academic studies, I have focused primarily on the study of journalism where I have learned how to find and craft stories. In the TCOM 347 course, I am happy to be learning about and working on how to tell stories through video, which for me is the first time engaging in this visual medium.

The Telling Our Stories Project has given me an opportunity to learn more about college through the eyes, thoughts and feelings of other students on campus. I think it is valuable to hear how other students experience the university with various perspectives. This has been a fruitful project because I’ve had the opportunity to hear other students’ stories on a deeper level. I hope that people who view this project learn more about the people, perspectives, ideas and experiences represented in the student population at UWT. And I hope that students viewing this project will ultimately feel more encouraged and happy to learn that others have similar experiences to theirs on this campus.

Nicole Alexandria

My name is Nicole Alexandria. I am a young African American woman who identifies as cisgender. I use the pronouns she, her, hers. I am a first-generation student whose parents both joined the military after graduating high school. Both of whom attended a secondary institution but neither of them graduated with a bachelor’s degree. I am a transfer college student, now in in junior standing and majoring in Communication. My academic interest is to explore avenues that cultivate culture and self-exploration in creative ways. I am particularly interested in the representation of people of color and other marginalized communities.

Taking this course (TCOM 347) has awakened my interest in film and documentary making. I would love the opportunity to assist people in sharing their unique voice(s) and experience(s). As a student enrolled in TCOM 347 I have had the opportunity to learn about composition, the importance of avoiding the single story as well as conducting, editing and producing an on-camera interviews. The Telling Our Stories project allowed me to explore intersectionality in a new way and how said intersectionality impacts the way we all navigate the college experience. This project has inspired me to explore my own experience, as well as developing the skills to help bring unheard or marginalized voices to the foreground.


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