14 Team 7 – Hawo


Team Hawo conducted the interview of Hawo Guyo. They collaborated with Hawo in the pre-production phase of the video, particularly, in the process of framing her story.  Team Hawo was then responsible for the production and post-production of the final video.

Maddyson Arnone

My name is Maddyson Arnone. I am a twenty year old young Caucasian woman who identifies as cisgender. I use the pronouns she, her, hers. I grew up in a privileged family; I am the third person in my family to attend college.

I am a senior at the University of Washington-Tacoma majoring in Communication with a minor in Business. As a student I am very outgoing and try to make connections everywhere I go. I have always strived to have a good relationship with my professors and I feel like being at UWT has allowed me to do this since it is a smaller campus. I chose to major in Communications because I knew I wanted to have a career in the fire service, it is a vital part of the job to have affective conversations with the community and peers.  Outside of school I am currently in the fire academy in pursuit to be a firefighter. I have always enjoyed taking pictures, videos, and listening to music. I think one day it would be cool to take professional pictures of future firefighters as well!

In this course (TCOM 347), I have had the opportunity to learn many different useful tools in media production like visual composition, story narrative and even conducting my own on-camera interview. Through the Telling Our Stories Project, I have defiantly broadened my view on the importance of social identity and how every student experiences the college lifestyle differently.

This class has allowed me to see that everyone comes from different backgrounds of diversity. College is very hard, this project has allowed me to see that everyone at some point in their college career struggles with something but it shows me that it is possible. With the skills I have learned in class I think I will be able to carry them to other aspects of my life because it has been so impactful to me see the importance of community and to have pride in what you do. I hope that people who see this video have a better understanding that everyone comes from different backgrounds and the importance to have a community that supports you.

Victoria Reese

My name is Victoria Reese. I am a woman made up of two different cultures that come together to create a blended version of me. I am proud to be Mexican and Korean. I have a beautiful family of my own, a loving husband, and a beautiful daughter, that provide me with love and peace to believe that I can accomplish many things I set my mind to.

I am currently a Senior student majoring in Communication. My academic interest was to build a foundation for understanding different aspects of society and attaining knowledge on how media influences culture. In this course (TCOM 347), I have managed to learn how to utilize a camera to capture different types of angles that engage the audience. This class was set up to give you an understanding of how and why things are displayed in media, hands-on experience to practice what you’ve learned, and conducting an on camera interview.

Through the Telling Our Stories project, I have gained a deeper connection through others’ perspectives as they navigate through college. I have learned that having a community on campus opens doors to different opportunities and the ability to create relationships with people. I hope that people who see the video can see the perspective and realness Hawo (the interviewee) brings to the camera. I enjoyed this project and hope to have the ability to continue connecting with others in a similar experience.



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