15 Knights of the Dagger (Chevaliers du Poignards)

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On the Day of Daggers (Journée des Poignards), February 28, 1791, hundreds of nobles with concealed weapons, such as daggers, went to the Tuileries Palace in Paris to defend King Louis XVI while Marquis de Lafayette and the National Guard were in Vincennes stopping a riot. These nobles are known as the Knights of the Daggers (Chevaliers du Poignards). A confrontation between the guards and nobles started as the guards thought the nobles came to take the King away. The nobles were finally ordered to relinquish their weapons by the King and they were forcibly removed from the palace.




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Fig. 1. Unknown, Knight of the Dagger disarmed by order of the King at the Chateau des Thuilleries February 28, 1791 [Image fixe]: Mr. de La Fayette before his departure for Vincennes to appease the disorders that had been intentionally fomented in the morning, had had the precaution of doubling the guard of the Castle and to prevent neighboring guard-houses… . 1971, etching, 28.5 x 50 cm. Available from: Bibliothèque nationale de France. Accessed May 12, 2019. https://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb402480415.


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