10 Madame Elizabeth, aka Élisabeth of France

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May 3, 1764-May 10, 1794


Élisabeth Philippine Marie Hélène de France was the youngest sibling of King Louis XVI. Devoted to her family and the monarchy, she was content that there were no successful marriage proposals as it allowed her to stay in France. She was also intensely religious and Louis XVI had to persuade her not to become a nun as her Aunt Louise had done. Her relationship with Marie Antoinette was complicated; while Marie Antoinette was fond of her, Élisabeth viewed Marie Antoinette’s reforms as a threat to the monarchy. Refusing to leave once the revolution began, she was ultimately arrested. While Maximilien Robespierre had intended to only exile her, Jacques René Hébert insisted on her execution. She is considered a martyr by the Catholic Church and a Servant of God, the designation it uses for an individual who is being investigated by the Church for possible canonization as a saint. Her first cause for beautification was introduced in 1924 and was re-opened in 2016.


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