20 One Nation Controlled by the Media

Created by J.S.


Photo of Portland, Oregon mural in dedication to Black lives lost to police brutality; reads "Arrest the Killers of Breonna Taylor and ...."
Photo Credit: J.S., 2020


This is my story and it addresses the way that I developed a better understanding for race, racism, and social justice.  In this video I address how the media presents information to its viewers and how it may not always be the full truth.  The media will show its viewers the content that they think will boost viewership, even if it isn’t the whole truth.  In the case of how the protests were covered in Portland, Oregon, the media displayed destruction throughout the city.  Yet the peaceful sides of the protest were hardly covered.  I think the media should be reporting both accounts of the story and give the full picture instead of reporting what they think will boost ratings.  That way, people like me that haven’t really been involved in the Black Lives Matter movement can get accurate information instead of just one side of the story.


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