21 Invisible

Created by Lore A. Zent


Transgender and non-binary people and their allies participate in the Gay Pride's Transgender Rights march in Atlanta in October 2019.
Photo Credit: Robin Rayne/​AP/​Shutterstock, 2019


This video embodies my story as it addresses the way I have begun to understand how aspects of my own positionality connects, in various ways, to issues related to racial justice. To be more specific, my video addresses some of my own identities (such as white, bisexual and non-binary), as a way to reflect on what privileges and disadvantages are tied to each of my identities. Afterwards, I use my reflections and social imagination to try to understand the experiences that Black trans women may face, which I feel is important to center more strongly in the Black Lives Matter movement since there has been great erasure and under reported violence that happens towards them. In putting together this video, I have come to know how important storytelling is in helping broaden people’s perspectives on race and gender, that way, they can gain a better understanding of the experiences that marginalized communities face.

Media Attribution/Credit:
Robin Rayne/​AP/​Shutterstock, 2019


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