3 Learning through Experience

Created by Brendan Collins


FIGHT FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. Global climate change strike - No Planet B - Global Climate Strike 09-20-2019
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Markus Spiske, 2019

This video is my story, and it addresses the way I have started to understand the inherent bias that I was raised in. More specifically, through my video I explore a racialized incident that has impacted the way I see the world today. That one incident became a changing moment in my life and it has had an everlasting effect on me to this day. In putting together my video, I better understand the way’s storytelling can help people have a better sense of their experiences and hopefully become more aware of their mistakes; especially when it comes to understanding the complexities associated with race or racism. The important thing I believe can make a difference, is that recognizing how one acts, especially after a wrongdoing, can be a lesson to improve and be better.

Media Attribution/Credit:
Unsplash/Markus Spiske


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