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Created by Daisy Flores




Latinos protest immigration bills and demonstrate their contribution to the Wisconsin economy outside the state Capitol building in Madison, Wis., on Feb. 18, 2016 during the 'Dia Sin Latinos' or Day Without Latinos, event.
Photo Credit: Saiyna Bashir/Cap Times, 2016


This video tells the story of when I started to acknowledge the ways race matters. I describe learning about different cultures when I moved to Washington State. However, it has been until college that I have become more educated about racism and racial justice in society. Working on this project has helped me understand the way my story connects to the BLM movement as well as recognizing the way we connect to these issues. It’s also a creative way in expressing the importance of these type of issues in society because everybody has a story to tell.

Media Attribution/Credit:
Saiyna Bashir/Cap Times, 2016


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