4. I’m All Ears

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The name of this course, I’m All Ears, highlights the importance of Active Listening.  Listening with attention is one of the most important skills a person can have.  One of the reasons we listen is to learn, and one of the key ingredients to acquire a good or even a near-native pronunciation is to listen for all the subtleties in the sounds produced by native speakers.  Now that we have learned about the phonetic (individual sounds) and phonological (sounds in context) features of the Spanish language, you can listen to Spanish with a critical ear.  And listening is exactly what we will do in this section of the book.  You will listen to three different learners of Spanish and you will critique their pronunciation.  However, since that critique involves the use of all the terms we have learned so far, we will first do a review through a series of activities.  You can skip the activities if you feel that a review is not necessary.




Now that you have reviewed all the content learned so far, perk up your ears and start practicing your critical Active Listening skills.  Please proceed to the next section to start listening.


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