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About the cover ~ Veronica Eldredge, Seattle University

Preface: Context, Organization, and Non-traditional publishing ~ Julie Shayne, University of Washington Bothell

Introduction: Fifty Years of Women’s Studies ~ Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College

Section one: The History of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

The History of San Diego State University’s Women’s Studies Program ~ Temperance Russell & Lori Loftin, San Diego State University, and Julie Shayne, University of Washington Bothell

Photos from SDSU library exhibit

The Praxis of Africana Women’s Studies: Lessons from Clark Atlanta University ~ Stephanie Sears, Clark Atlanta University

The Enduring Struggle: Findings from the History of Women’s and Gender Studies in the Global South ~ Adrianna L. Ernstberger, Marian University

Untitled (student art) ~ Maria Chi-Chable, Wellesely College

Women’s-Gender-Sexuality-Feminist Studies: The Politics of Departmental Naming ~ Amy Bhatt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

An Annotated Bibliography on the History of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies in the Americas ~ Julie Shayne and Estephanie Guzman, University of Washington Bothell

Untitled (student art) ~ Hailey Cho, Wellesley College

Students answer: Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies? ~ Yuval Schnitkes, University of California Los Angeles and Elisabeth Schnebele, University of Washington Bothell

Why GWSS Still Matters ~ Carrie N. Baker, Smith College

Section two: The Praxis of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Bridging the Academy and the Community, One Breath at a Time: The Healing Power of Africana Women’s Studies ~ Brea Stevenson, NaTasha Robinson, Sonja Andrews, and Donielle Pace, Clark Atlanta University

Students answer: Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies? ~ Laurel Berryman, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Gabrielle Fox, University of Washington Bothell

WGS Changes Lives: A Meditation on Feminist Praxis ~ Kandace Creel Falcón, University of Minnesota, alum

Teaching Women’s & Gender Studies: Teaching Tools for Life ~ Elena Tajima Creef and Rosanna Hertz, Wellesley College

From Theory to Content: Feminist Publishing Makes Women’s Studies Powerful ~ Carmen Rios, American University, alumna

Stifle (student art) ~ Lauren Raimunde, Smith College

The Struggle Continues: Women of Color Faculty and Institutional Barriers ~ Lourdes Torres, DePaul University

En La Lucha (student art) ~ Veronica Eldredge, Seattle University

Turning a Feminist Lens on Administration ~ Judith Howard, University of Washington Seattle

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies: A Degree and Perspective for ‘Essential Workers’ in the 21st Century ~ Cheryl Radeloff, College of Southern Nevada and Michelle Tracy Berger, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Students answer: Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies? ~ Michael Castro, Santiago Canyon College and Lauren Raimunde, Smith College

Section three: Doing Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Writing Social Justice: Thoughts from a WGSS Major ~ Sarah Valdez, State University of New York at Albany

Not Your Beauty (student art) ~ Madeleine Jenness, University of Washington Bothell

Gender Studies Work at the University of Ghana ~ Akosua Darkwah, University of Ghana

Parar para Avanzar: Feminist Activism in 2019 Latin American Mobilizations ~ Erika Márquez Montaño, Universidad Icesi

Marginalized Cage (student art) ~ Estephanie Guzman, University of Washington Bothell

Disrupting Systems of Oppression by Re-centering Indigenous Feminisms ~ Luhui Whitebear, Oregon State University

No One is Disposable: Ecofeminism and Climate Crisis ~ Nicole Erin Morse and Daniella Orias, Florida Atlantic University

Students answer: Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies? ~ Cait Selitrennikoff, University of California Berkeley and Talia Spencer Heyman, Smith College

Women’s & Gender Studies at Community Colleges: Breakthroughs and Challenges ~ Shereen Siddiqui, Santiago Canyon College

Hometown (student poetry) ~ Talia Heyman, Smith College

The Power of Words: A Discussion of Chanel Miller’s Know My Name  ~ Melinda Chen, University of Kansas

Sins of the Skinny Body (student art) ~ Meranthy Meza, Santiago Canyon College

Section four: Wrapping Things Up

Conclusion: Damn Straight We Persisted ~ Julie Shayne and Nicole Carter, University of Washington Bothell

Artist statement: Interior Intimacies Series ~ Kandace Creel Falcón, University of Kansas & University of Minnesota, alum

A Lesbian Marriage (student art) ~ Kandace Creel Falcón

Kitchen Top (student art) ~ Kandace Creel Falcón

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About our programs

Praise ~ Stephanie Y. Evans, Georgia State University and Doreen Mattingly, San Diego State University


Citation: Shayne, Julie, ed. 2020. Persistence is Resistance: Celebrating 50 Years of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Libraries. []

Original date of publication: August 12, 2020

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