Students answer: Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies?

“WGS is a major that has inspired me to learn about myself and where I stand in the world as a Black woman. Having influences in psychology, sociology, history, black studies and so much more, the major gave me the freedom to take on topics that I was most interested in for the last four years making my time in undergrad exceptional. When people ask me, I often say I majored in Black Women’s Studies with a focus in Pre-Law, as my focus was on the history of Black feminism, Civil, and Human Rights. I firmly believe that WGS is the way of the future for any and all students interested in social, political, and legal work. In an everchanging world, it is of the utmost importance that we understand the things around us which shape our individual life experiences. WGS not only gave me the choice to customize my education to fit my goals as an undergraduate student, but it gave me a sense of self.”

Laurel Alice Berryman, she/her/hers
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, class of 2020
Women’s and Gender Studies major


“Gender, women and sexuality studies brought me home to myself. And once I discovered I could have in essence, the validation of my identity printed on that last piece of paper I would receive, there were no decisions to make. I knew my path, and it was a brief 30ft walk across that stage to collect my empowerment.”

Gabrielle Fox, she/her/hers
University of Washington Bothell, class of 2019
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies major

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