Students answer: Why Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies?

“Gender Studies welcomed me in a way that nothing ever has. It spoke my inner-most contradictions into existence and assisted me in becoming a person I am proud to be. I learned that Gender Studies is not one thing, but rather everything. It provided me with a framework through which to analyze and imagine a world that is better. … A major in Gender Studies was the best decision I made as an undergrad!”

Yuval Schnitkes, she/her/hers
University of California at Los Angeles, class of 2020
Gender Studies & Political Science double major


“You can speak without being heard; exist without being seen. 108 billion people have inhabited this earth, but how many of their stories were told? Whose names were remembered? GWSS shines light on a dark history and like a shovel, unearths a new perspective. I major in GWSS to uncover buried truths and bear witness to those in the shadows.”

Elisabeth Schnebele, she/her/hers
University of Washington Bothell, junior
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies major

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