“This collection is the comprehensive and creative reflection that the academic discipline of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) deserves on our 50th Anniversary. This book reflects the founding tenants of creativity, activism, collaboration, and innovative praxis in a way that both affirms and restructures formal scholarly study. There has never been one approach to women’s studies. The contributors chosen for this volume reflect philosophical, methodological, racial, gender, linguistic, generational, and geographic diversity. The project known as women’s studies has necessarily evolved. With Persistence is Resistance, Julie Shayne has gifted us a comprehensive piece, but the work of WGSS is not complete. The work is not yet done, as evidenced by this moment in time when we face Covid, important Black Lives Matter activism, and voting/political repression during an election year that will determine the fate of this nation. Shayne offers a moment of important contemplation as we continue the work to define, practice, reshape, and institutionalize WGSS.”

Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans, Professor and Director
Institute for Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Georgia State University


“This remarkable collection is essential reading for all of us who work, study and find meaning and community in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies programs and departments. The essays are brief, engaging, and cover a wide range of topics, identities, debates and geographic locations. Artwork, photography, poetry and brief testimonials from current and former WGSS students add vibrancy and richness to the volume. I recommend it for WGSS courses at all levels.”

Dr. Doreen Mattingly, Professor and Chair
Department of Women’s Studies
San Diego State University

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