Sins of the Skinny Body (student art)

Sins of the Skinny Body, art by Meranthy Meza, shows a thin young woman with butterfly wings, horns, and a halo, among a collection of pictures and comments about being skinny

Having the skinny body as the centerpiece of a feminist collage might seem a bit odd considering the level of privilege that thinness often grants. However, feminism recognizes the worth of all people, and as such, this piece acknowledges the experiences of a type of woman that is often left out of body positivity movements. The skinny body creates controversy by the mere fact that it exists, subject to constant  glorification and demonization by ever-shifting beauty ideals. By fetishizing one type of body, you inadvertently create hostility towards a different type of body. True body confidence can only take place in a world in which people accept and respect the intrinsic worth of all people, of the bodies we inhabit, and of the natural world that sustains us–body and spirit

Meranthy Meza, she/her/hers
Santiago Canyon College, third year
Future Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies major

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