Choosing a Title

Once you have considered your stakeholders, framework, and brand, it is time to pick your title.

Picking a title is a delicate balancing act between an awareness of current events, an understanding of the campus and its interests, and finding something that will appeal to a larger group.  It is also, quite frankly, a fun activity.

You may be making choices between:

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Adult, Young Adult, Middle Reader, or Children’s
  • Themes such as social justice, inclusivity, etc.
  • Are there other choices that you need to make?


Tools for Title Choice

Here are some tools to help you locate titles that are current, relevant, diverse, and engaging.

  1. Consider #OwnVoices Titles. Here is Bibliocommons’  curated list of some of the most popular #ownvoices young adults novels (defined as: titles about diverse characters written by authors from that same diverse group). This list was put together by the Portland Public Library.
  2. Consider diverse YA Titles.  School Library Journal’s “Must-Have YA Titles” is a list of 42 titles recommended for all libraries.  SLJ is the premiere publication for librarians and information specialists who work with children and teens.
  3. YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) lists their Book Awards and Selected Booklists titles, and links out to The Coretta Scott King Awards, the Rainbow List, and other notable winners.


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