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exterior of suzzallo library
Suzzallo Library. Image credit: University of Washington

Did you know that the UW Libraries is not just one library– there are 17 libraries in the UW Libraries system, and, as a UW student, you’re welcome to use ALL of them! There’s a library in Bothell, one in Tacoma, and one in the San Juan Islands, but the rest are all on the Seattle campus.

On this tour, we’ll explore some of the UW Seattle campus libraries and their spaces, resources, and services for students. You can complete this tour either in person or online, and you can visit as many libraries as you’d like. The tour starts with Odegaard and Suzzallo and Allen Libraries, and you can visit the remaining libraries in any order you choose. While this tour focuses on physical library spaces and services, as a UW student, you also have access to all of the online resources the UW Libraries has to offer, including 24/7 online chat help, consultations with librarians, over 600 online databases, and research guides. Learn more about library research skills in the Undergraduate Researcher Tutorial.

Some tips before you go:


Have a question or need help? Contact uwlib-ussteam@uw.edu.


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