The Place of Sports in the University course first launched in January 2020. Designed as an in-person course, students explored the UW campus over questions about the collegiate ideal, thick institutions, and interrogating ‘going to class’ and ‘going to college.’

By March 2020 our last session was remote due to the covid pandemic.


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Spring 2021

In the Spring 2021 edition, the questions remained but the context of place was decidedly different after a year of remote learning as a way of campus life. Leaning into the them, The Place of Sports in the University in 2020 students explored their previous year through ‘in 2020’ as both a point in time and a metaphor for looking back. In the Spring 2021 edition students made sense of place, sports, and campus life in the weeks and months following the Covid pandemic.

A selection of students from Spring 2021 shared what they learned from exploring the place of sports in the university and is available at:


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Spring 2022 Edition

In Spring 2022, we began as a collective of students exploring the same questions, under yet another shift in the place of sports, the place of a campus, and going to college.

This is what they found.


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