9 Video Gaming & Campus Community

Adriana Castaneda, Stuart Flesland, Tyler Wu

In our summary we are going to share the features of the collegiate ideal and recreation areas on campus for students to visit and take time off from classes, as well as many other amenities such as dorm service and laundry along with other amenities. It is the idea that makes the college your at the ideal place to live while you spend your time getting your degree. Also we will integrate an image and an interview quote that illustrates and ends with a take away on what we learned.

Video games and the collegiate ideal could go hand in hand with each other. All the time I would play video games with my friends after a long day or I would go over to a friend’s house to play. If more colleges had a video game room or area for people to get together and create clubs it would add to the collegiate ideal greatly.

Similar to other sports that are traditionally on college campuses like football, baseball, or basketball video game sports or E sports could be added to that list as it is becoming more and more popular nationwide.175 campuses already have E sports and they are capitalizing on the growing number of followers that now follow E sports. I think that by adding E sports universities can become more inclusive and draw more interest and people towards them.

As a take away as well from the  article Forget Lazy Rivers: Does Your College Offer a – Concierge, we saw that they want to create college experience, as places that have amenities with their way of creating more stress free into students as the “collegiate ideal”. Video gaming can also be a way of creating stress free community and unity, it has shown that students having too much stress can develop less success in academics. Video gaming on campus can be a part of the college experience for a student, as it interacts with other students and creates a sense of belonging.

“New Mexico State University has launched a “campus concierge” to alleviate student stress. Services are expected at more campuses.”

As a take away from the interview’s we did about video gaming we just have the understanding that video gaming can be a part of a students college experience , it creates engagement between students. It is a way of sharing moments and connecting with others by finding similarities and favorite hobbies between students to make friends.

Interview quote:”“When I attended classes in person, everyone wore masks, which made me more hesitant to make friends. However, online gaming has made it easier for me to meet new friends.”


UW Esports Arena & Gaming Lounge | Photo Credit: UW Esports Arena & Gaming Lounge CC BY-NC-ND


In the picture above, you can see the complete set of e-gaming facilities that the University of Washington has prepared for its students for diversified after-school activities. This indicates the diversity of activities offered by the University of Washington, which is focused on both academics and students’ needs.

The caption above describes the connection to Week 7: The Place of Sport: Recreation, Clubs, and Campus Life. During class this week we learned about the Place of Rec, Club & Campus Amenities.

This image conveys the idea of thick institutions because it highlights a physical location, a gaming room, which is a meeting place that allows members to have shared experiences and play together.

Video games are more than just a game if you allow them to be, clubs and even teams can be formed within colleges. I think that there is a large area of recreation that is untapped and colleges could be the first to see that in video games. I think if administrators took advantage of how big video games are becoming they could have more facilities or amenities to draw in more students to the university.


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