7 UW Sports Creates a Community with the Collegiate Ideal

Here UW students and UW supporters gather together to share in their enthusiasm for the institution. Seating in Alaska Airlines Arena | Photo Credit: Andrea Chiodo

The place where students merge their social interests and their academic pursuits on a college campus is where we find the collegiate ideal. The collegiate ideal at the University of Washington is cultivated through campus rituals, events, and activities. Opportunities that provide a sense of belonging and a place where students can explore their interests. Campus culture, campus life, and going to college are all deeply connected to the set of principles and values about going to college. It is a feeling and a place and a body of people all at once.

As a Teaching Associate at the University of Washington discussed the idea of excellence and the expectation of excellence from the student body, she happily stated that she “bleeds purple and gold.” This is where students are merging their social and academic ideals in a physical place.



The image above is of the Husky Stadium entrance leading to Alaska Airline field where football games take place and bring students together into a community. | Photo Credit: Abbigail Card-La France

An interview was conducted in front of the Husky stadium with a 3rd year University of Washington student. The girl stated,“ The football games at UW are a great way to bond. I feel like I am part of something bigger than myself, and that I belong to a community. I have a tradition of attending the games with my friends and my boyfriend. It is exciting to see the people on the field’s talent and strength.” This stadium illustrates the collegiate ideal because students come together with shared ideals and purpose. Going to UW is a place for many students to grow and explore their identity. In the football games students join together in rituals by painting their faces and chanting.


In the article, we have the quotations below.

“They presented him with the concept of ‘the Husky,’ a hybrid linebacker and cornerback position named elsewhere that seemed ideal for his physical style of play and had him enthused.”

“ ‘I love what they were saying’, said Hampton, who spoke with the media this week for the first time in his five-year UW football career, ‘I feel it fits me and my skill set pretty well’. ”

Both quotations illustrate the characteristics of the ‘collegiate ideal’, showing activities, such as sports events, can also play an important role on campus and attract huge attention from the public. Also, the concept of ‘the Husky’ means more than a name or title. It represents and expresses the college’s culture and values, such as being boundless.


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