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This “book” of learning resources is divided into five chapters. Each chapter represents a day of the Virtual REACH Program (VRP) and is organized by theme, as follows:


  • Chapter 1: Basics of Neuroscience and Neural Engineering
  • Chapter 2: Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)
  • Chapter 3: Brain and Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Chapter 4: Neuroethics
  • Chapter 5: College and Career Pathways


These chapters include videos, readings, scholarly articles, case studies, and activities to help extend your learning in each of these five themes. Embedded into the chapters are interactive elements such as quizzes and slideshows.  Have fun with these interactive elements. In addition, you may be prompted at times to write responses to reflection questions. It would be helpful to have a notebook that can serve as your journal this week as you explore these learning resources.


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