User Policies and Guidelines

The UW Libraries Pressbooks platform is made available to current UW students, faculty and staff through the Transformation Fund of the Kenneth S. and Faye G. Allen Library Endowment. In order to maintain the platform’s stability, sustainability, and success, we expect that all users adhere to the following policies and guidelines, which are subject to change.

  1. Your use of the UW Libraries Pressbooks Platform is governed by our Terms of Service.
  2. Use of the UW Libraries Pressbooks platform is restricted to current UW students, faculty and staff.
  3. The UW Libraries Pressbooks platform is intended for the creation of open educational materials for use in a UW course.
  4. You understand that the copyright status of any content you create or edit using the UW Libraries Pressbooks platform is governed by the University of Washington Executive Order 36.
  5. The UW Libraries recommends assigning a Creative Commons license to any Content you publish using the Platform. The Creative Commons offers a range of options from relatively restricted to designating the Content as being in the Public Domain. For guidance on copyright and choosing a license for your work, contact:
  6. All users agree to upload and publish only content that is owned by them, or third-party content that they have verified is open, in the public domain, or available for re-use by way of a Creative Commons or other license. If users want to use content with unclear reuse status, users must determine whether or not their use is permissible under the Fair Use clause of copyright law, or may seek permission from the copyright owner. Copyright guidance is available via the UW Libraries:
  7. We encourage users to maximize the accessibility of their published works. Pressbooks Accessibility Guidance and UW IT Accessibility Checklist.
  8. Users will stay within reasonable storage limits. Pressbooks a publishing tool and is not meant to be a repository or archive. Large media files and other original content should typically be hosted elsewhere, and linked to within Pressbooks.
  9. The UW Libraries will select works to be featured in our Pressbooks catalog at our own discretion. We prioritize books that use a Creative Commons open license, allow for derivative works, utilize accessibility best practices, and that are intended for use in the classroom.