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18 results
Bate-Papo             book cover


CC BY (Attribution)  1 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Eduardo Viana da Silva

Subject(s): Language and Linguistics, Brazilian Portuguese

Last updated: 30/03/2023

Stories From The Place of Sports in The University, 2022 Edition book cover

Stories From The Place of Sports in The University, 2022 Edition

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)   English

Subject(s): Moral and social purpose of education, Higher education, tertiary education, Sports and Active outdoor recreation

Institution(s): University of Washington

Last updated: 25/10/2022

This book showcases student exploration the role of sports in cultivating the collegiate ideal in their own college going experiences. Topics include the influence of esports, recreational activities, intramural, club, and spectator sports on pre-college choices and campus life. Students individually and collectively investigate how sports activities cultivate the collegiate ideal through ceremonies, stories, rituals and rites of passage, and unique language; all of which are most well understood by insiders to the campus community (Toma, 2010; Toma & Kezar, 1999). Using the inquiry tools of autoethnography, students highlight their individual and shared  experiences of ‘going to college’ and the role of the collegiate ideal.

Telling Our Stories book cover

Telling Our Stories

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives)   English

Author(s): TCOM 347: Television Criticism

Subject(s): Cultural and media studies

Publisher: University of Washington Tacoma and University of Washington Libraries

Last updated: 02/08/2022

The Telling Our Stories project is designed so students work in teams to document and produce short digital stories highlighting the experiences of other UW-Tacoma students with regards to one or various aspects of their identity, whether related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, disability, place of origin, etc. The goal is to understand how student’s identity, and overall way of seeing the world, affect their college experience, whether in the classroom or on other spaces across campus.

Through this course, students have engaged in conversation about their own social identities and their positionality in relationship to the people they are interviewing. The project employs different elements of pre-production, production and post-production, skills the students have begun to learn through this class. In addition to the videos, students have also developed this online platform where the work can be viewed and made accessible to the public.


Persistence is Resistance: Celebrating 50 Years of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies book cover

Persistence is Resistance: Celebrating 50 Years of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Subject(s): Gender studies: women and girls, Feminism and feminist theory, Interdisciplinary studies

Publisher: University of Washington Libraries

Last updated: 30/06/2022

Persistence is Resistance: Celebrating 50 Years of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies is an open access book with pdf available for download. This collection includes contributions from a diverse group of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) scholars, from undergraduate students to faculty emeritus, representing twenty-four different institutions. The Introduction is by Beverly-Guy Sheftall and there are twenty short essays on the following topics: history of the first program (SDSU); Africana Women’s Studies; GWSS in the Global South; the women’s studies name change; the urgency of GWSS; an annotated bibliography on the history of GWSS; feminist pedagogy and praxis; feminist publishing; institutional battles; feminist administrating; getting jobs with a GWSS major; an undergrad’s reflection on GWSS; GWSS in Ghana; feminism in Latin America; Indigenous feminisms; ecofeminism;  GWSS and community colleges; and Chanel Miller’s Know My Name. Every author is either presently teaching in a GWSS program and/or has at least one of their degrees in GWSS. The essays are punctuated by artwork from GWSS undergraduates and alumni, and their short answers to why they chose GWSS. It is ideal for the classroom because the essays are short, jargon light, and meant to inspire feminist inquiry, activism, and pride.

I'm All Ears book cover

I'm All Ears

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives)  69 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Jorge González Casanova

Subject(s): Language and Linguistics, Language learning: grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

Last updated: 06/05/2022

Black Lives Matter Collective Storytelling Project book cover

Black Lives Matter Collective Storytelling Project

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives)   English

Author(s): A University of Washington Tacoma cross-course collaboration between TSOC 265 and TCOM 347 courses.

Subject(s): Cultural and media studies, Society and culture: general, Sociology

Publisher: University of Washington Tacoma and University of Washington Libraries

Last updated: 21/03/2022

Climate Science for the Classroom book cover

Climate Science for the Classroom

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)   English

Author(s): Program on Climate Change Community

Editor(s): Miriam Bertram, Surabhi Biyani, Isaac Olson

Subject(s): Education, Climate change

Last updated: 05/01/2022

Modules, games and labs focused on teaching climate change.  Developed by graduate students and faculty associated with the UW Program on Climate Change, a cross departmental collaboration to research, teach and communicate climate science.  Updated regularly.

Jacob Lawrence in Seattle book cover

Jacob Lawrence in Seattle

CC BY-NC-ND (Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives)   English

Author(s): Juliet Sperling, Alexander Betz, Thomas Star, Ashley Tseng, Bailee Strong, Elizabeth Copland, Elizabeth Xiong, Grace Fletcher, Kate Whitney-Schubb, Kira Sue, Ryan Hawkins, Samantha Seaver, Mingjie Ma, Maya Green, Nicolas Staley, Monica Ionescu

Editor(s): Juliet Sperling

Subject(s): History of art, Individual artists, art monographs, Public art, Portraits and self-portraiture in art

Last updated: 02/11/2021

Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) is widely recognized as one of the most important American artists of the 20th century. He is best known for epic multi-panel narratives like the Migration Series (1940-1941) and Struggle: from the History of the American People (1954-56), which he created as a young artist living and working in in New York City. The second half of Lawrence’s career, which he spent in Seattle as a Professor of Art at the University of Washington, has received far less attention. The essays in this volume, researched and written by the participants in the Spring 2021 art history seminar “Art and Seattle: Jacob Lawrence” at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design, fill in this gap. In so doing, we take our lead from the artist’s own framing of the Seattle period as a critical stage in his artistic development, in which conceptual and formal concerns explored across his long career converged and became more of the sum of their parts.

Virtual REACH Program 2020 book cover

Virtual REACH Program 2020

CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike)  12 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Dr. Kristen Clapper Bergsman, Dr. Eric H. Chudler

Editor(s): Dr. Kristen Clapper Bergsman

Subject(s): Neurosciences, Biomedical engineering, Medical ethics and professional conduct

Publisher: Center for Neurotechnology, University of Washington

Last updated: 14/06/2021

Building a Greener Future: A UW Research Report into Seattle's Climate Justice Movement book cover

Building a Greener Future: A UW Research Report into Seattle's Climate Justice Movement

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Last updated: 10/02/2021