About the Instructional Case Studies

The UW Tech Policy Instructional Case Studies position students to consider the deeply interactional processes of human values and technology. Within pedagogical bounds, students engage both technical and policy elements and develop design solutions. For instructors, the instructional case studies have been written so that they can be revised and re-used for varied educational settings.

Over a thousand students have engaged with the case studies. They have been used with educational and industrial partners, in the US and International settings, from small workshops with senior designers and policymakers, to advanced graduate seminars, to graduate and undergraduate design studio classes, to 200-person introductory undergraduate classes, to STEM workshops for middle school students.


The case studies:

“Drones Okay” Playground: Fun with Personal Drones

Internet of Things: Gaslighting and the Smart Home

NeighborSpin: Sharing Laundry Facilities

Workforce Management: Scheduling Call-Center Workers.


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