As a class and community of knowledge production, we’d like to take a second to thank ourselves. In an educational setting, it’s not often that we get to come together and collectively create a cohesive piece of work that empowers and inspires. It was a pleasure to work with us. We thank each other for making this process so inviting, the learning so captivating, and the experience so positively human. There are also a few others that have helped this project come to be:


Stephanie Lê. You paved the way with the original Rad Womxn Team. Thank you for continuing your work in education and setting the bricks for us and future classes.


Penelope Wood. Thank you for your passion in guiding students to knowledge. Keep quoting Bob’s Burgers.


Melody Schnieder. Your punk spirit has touched many students, and even in retirement you continue to inspire.


Denise Hattwig. Thank you for your dedication to open-access scholarship.


Kate Schatz. Thank you for continuing to inspire women of all ages with your works. This project is a result of what you do. Tell Kamau we say hi!


Kate Schatz is on a zoom call projected onto a screen in a classroom. She is holding her book, "Rad Women Worldwide". She also has her books arranged in rainbow order behind her!
Photo of Kate Schatz when she zoom called BIS 227. Taken by Penelope Wood


Thank you to all the bands who took part in sharing your music and video interviews. Atrocity Girl, Kitty Junk, The Mourning Watch, and Lemon Boy. Your music and existence is activism. Never stop rocking!




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