About the Authors: Badass Zine Machine

Anonymouse (they/he) once got vitamin C poisoning from drinking too much orange juice. Their badass is Janet McCloud/ Yet-si Blue.

Lul A (she/her) is a first generation college student.

Jadyn de Jesus (she/her) is a Husky 100 Recipient of 2023 representing the University of Washington Bothell. Her badass is Angela Garbes.

Tessa Denton (she/her) loves writing and hopes to publish novels in the future. Her Badass is Octavia E. Butler.

Christopher Eastman (he/him) has been an aspiring author for over six years and is working on his second book. Though his work is yet to be published, he hopes one of them will be published one day. His badass is Susie Revels Cayton.

John Emerton (he/him) is from Cambridge, United Kingdom. John attends UW Bothell majoring in Educational Studies with a minor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. His badass is Aleksa Manila.

Henrie Filart (he/him) has traveled to six countries including the United States. His badass is Claudia Castro Luna.

Anika Gopez (she/her) wrote a portion of a play that was performed by professional actors at a Young Playwright’s Festival at ACT Theatre. Her badass is Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.

Shahub Khodabandehlou (he/him) published his first book at eight years old. His badass is Farnaz Fassihi.

Wendy Liao (she/her) is Taiwanese, loves to play piano, and sing loudly while showering and driving. Her badass is Mary Matsuda Gruenewald.

Olivia Londura (she/her) has been playing the violin for 8 years and enjoys drawing and painting
in her free time. Her badass is Yvonne Swan.

Sarah McDermott (she/they) was deployed for 7 months when she was in the military. Their badass is Karen Troianello.

Tamika Nastali (she/her) is afraid of seagulls. Her badass is Humaira Abid.

Zachary Peeples (he/him) rides his bike around Seattle and into battle. His badass is Odessa

Arianne Nicole Rosario (she/her) was born in the Philippines and moved to Seattle when she was four years old. Her badass is Dorothy Laigo Cordova.

Aster Starling (she/her) loves learning about local plants and fungus that are forageable. She tries to quiz herself on native plants she sees when she is outside. Her badass is Polly Dyer.

Lo Radclyffe (they/she) enjoys mushroom foraging as their favorite way to connect with nature. Her badass is Jaiden Grayson.

Najma (she/her) speaks three languages other than English. Her badass is Mitsuye Yamada.

Nico Simmons (she/they) likes to play Stardew Valley and other indie games in her free time. Their badass is Dolores Dallas Sibonga.

Nihal Verma (she/her) has been to 29 weddings in her life, including 5 this summer. Her badass is Ramona Bennet.

Serena Polendo (she/her) is artsy and likes to crochet. Her badass is Janelle M Silva.



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