The book cover for your Pressbooks book may include images, text or a combination of both. You can design and create a book cover outside of Pressbooks and upload it to your book, or use the Pressbooks Cover Generator Tool.  You can find more information in the Make a Book Cover chapter of the Pressbooks User Guide.

Regardless of whether you create your own book cover or use the Pressbooks Cover Generator Tool, you’ll want to ensure that it is accessible.

Ensure that the text and background colors use good contrast. You can use the WebAIM Contrast and Color Accessibility checker to ensure that the colors you have selected are accessible.

If your book cover includes an image, note that Alt-text is not needed when graphics are purely decorative or if it is repetitive information. If you feel it is important to add information describing the book cover image, you  book, you may add it to the book’s metadata (under Book Info).

This resource from LibA11y provides more information that may be useful when describing book cover images.

UW Accessible Technology provides guidance on creating accessible PDFs using InDesign

The University of Wisconsin Madison has some information on accessibility in Canva




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