A Guide to Filing Freedom of Information Act Requests

Emily Willard

I would like to thank my colleagues at the National Security Archive, Washington, D.C. where I first learned to file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Particularly my supervisors Tom Blanton and Kate Doyle, and my colleagues with their unending patience in showing me the ropes over the years: Bill Burr, Bob Wampler, John Prados, Nate Jones, Yvette Chin, Mike Evans, Peter Kornbluh, Joyce Battle, Mary Curry and Malcolm Byrne. Thank you also to Veronica Franklin at the Gelman Library at George Washington University.

I would like to thank Angelina Godoy, Director of the University of Washington Center for Human Rights and my other colleagues at the Center, Gai-Hoai Nguyen and Phil Neff, for the opportunity to continue doing FOIA work and for supporting the creation of the intern training program which produced this manual. Thank you to the many interns over the years who have helped me become a better teacher. Thank you to Emily Keller at the University of Washington Libraries for supporting and facilitating this publication project.


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