The English 131 Instructor’s Manual is a living document, revised and sustained every year by the efforts of the PWR staff. The first incarnation of the manual was drafted in 1997, and since then it has been continually developed and revised to reflect the changing Program in Writing and Rhetoric goals and its teachers’ needs.

We would like to acknowledge and thank those instructors who have contributed sample materials to this manual, and mention by name the various PWR Directors, Program Coordinators, and Assistant Directors who have authored this work, and whose dedication to composition pedagogy and instructor training has been invaluable:

Gail Stygall (1997-2001)
Steve Browning (1998)
Katherine Frank (1998)
Mike Flanagan (1999)
Kim Emmons (1999-2000)
Gary Ettari (2000)
Christine Wooley (2000-2001)
Stacey Grooters (2001-2002)
Ellen Bloom (2001-2002)
Amy Vidali (2002-2003)
Juan Guerra (2003)
Lisa Thornhill (2003)
Spencer Schaffner (2003-2005)
Anis Bawarshi (2003-2013)
Melanie Kill (2004-2005)
Rachel Goldberg (2006)
Angela Rounsaville (2007)
Megan Kelly (2008)
Allison Gross (2009)
Lindsay Rose Russell (2010)
Chelsea Jennings (2011)
Kirin Wachter-Grene (2012)
Taylor Boulware (2013)
Candice Rai (2014-2020)
Yasmine Romero (2014)
AJ Burgin (2015)
Denise Grollmus (2016)
Belle Kim (2017)
Jacob Huebsch (2017-2021)
TJ Walker (2018)
Nanya Jhingran (2019)
MiSun Bishop (2020)
Stephanie Kerschbaum (2021-2023)
Joe Wilson (2021)
Francesca Colonnese (2022)
Molly Porter (2023)
Matthew Hitchman (2023)


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